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Michael Zetser

Michael Zetser is a leading figure in the payment industry.

Michael Zetser is the former CEO of a payment gateway and a leading figure in the payment industry. A natural entrepreneur, his career began the age of 16 when he established and operated a software venture in both Israel and Russia. Having developed a passion for business and entrepreneurship at a young age, he has since enjoyed great success in establishing new businesses throughout his career.

Zetser’s payment gateway was designed to enable businesses to accept online payments in an easy and secure manner. Giving businesses access to fast processing, convenient prices and excellent service 24/7, it works to facilitate seamless transactions and accepts multi-currency payments. It has become a leading company in the industry by ensuring that online transactions are quick and efficient.

With many years of experience in the payment field providing technology solutions, Zetser’s business interests continue to focus on technological payment gateways. His other areas of interest include fintech, start-ups, marketing, data, business administration, and business development.

A skilled businessman, Zetser is an expert in business development and growth within unexplored territories, and alongside running his own company he also invests in start-ups. Understanding the importance of excellent business relationships, he has forged many connections to build a strong network. In relation to this, Zetser takes a role at social circles that bring together business leaders within the Israeli market. He is also involved with a number of charitable organizations in Israel.

Outside his professional life, Zetser has several hobbies and interests. An avid tennis fan, he plays the sport himself as well as being an admirer of Nadal. Fishing is another of his preferred pastimes, as is reading.

Travel is an important part of Zetser’s life and he has travelled all over the world. His love of travel extends to his passion for cooking, which he enjoys in his spare time, and he particularly enjoys Indian and Japanese cuisine.