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Michael Zetser

Experienced Entrepreneur

Michael Zetser is an experienced and knowledgeable entrepreneur
Online payment

Many years of experience in the payment industry providing technology solutions

With many years of experience in the payment industry providing technology solutions, Zetser established a payment gateway in 2019 that enables businesses to safely and securely take online card payments. Zetser’s payment solution has been designed for seamless integration, fast application and worldwide payments, and the company works with all major payment providers including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners, RuPay and JCB.

This blog will offer an in-depth guide to next-gen payment processing technologies, explaining what they are and how they work. Exploring all aspects of the fintech industry, this blog will also offer insights and information related to fintech, as well as sharing key examples of fintech banking. Trends in the credit card industry will also be discussed. Exploring both patterns and changes, an overview of the industry in 2021 will be given.

Payment processing

Growing a Business

An experienced and knowledgeable entrepreneur, Zetser has successfully established a number of companies from scratch, as well as investing in start-up companies. This blog will offer a guide for entrepreneurs starting a business, sharing tips and guidance for new start-ups.

A master of business development, Zetser has found success as an entrepreneur by growing companies in unexplored territories. Therefore, the world of business development will also be discussed. This blog will give advice on how to successfully and continually develop a business, as well as offering guidance for successful marketing. Advice on creating a marketing strategy for the year ahead and an exploration of the most effective marketing strategies will be also shared, alongside other helpful advice for start-ups looking to improve their marketing or create a fully formed marketing plan.